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Web Hosting

We provide web hosting services to healthcare professionals. Since it is robust and tested by many being an open source operative system we provide only Linux Server Space.

It depends on individual to individual as well from organization to organization on how much server space they need. If in case some one is planning to host a portal full of services then they may require more space. Usually doctors, medical associations only hosting content or publishing their articles online will not require much web space. To start with 100 MB web space is sufficient to host around 1000 pages with no or minimal size images.

A common question asked is what if we require more space? The space can be expanded to a certain extent. Say you buy 100 MB now then it can be expanded up to 5 GB. Another aspect of it is if in case you intend to expand more than 5 GB all the facilities of existing space can be transferred to a new space. Following are few plans with us you can select web / server space from:

1. 100 MB - Click Here 2. 200 MB - Click Here
3. 300 MB - Click Here 4. 500 MB - Click Here
5. 1 GB - Click Here 6. 2 GB - Click Here
7. 25 MB Email Only - Click Here
8. 50 MB Email Only - Click Here
9. 75 MB Email Only - Click Here
10. 100 MB Email Only - Click Here

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